The Radiant Award

for Advancing Internet Security.

Internet Security Research Group and its partners are proud to present the Radiant Award for Advancing Internet Security, a recognition program for individuals whose contributions make the Internet more secure and privacy-respecting.

Designed to shed light on efforts which often go unrecognized, Radiant Award recipients are thanked publicly for their work and provided a platform to express their motivations, inspiration, challenges, and plans.

ISRG has brought together partners from across the Internet to provide honorees with a $10,000 gift. Intended to energize our selected individuals in whatever manner suits them, the gift is unstipulated.


Selection Process

ISRG identifies Radiant Award recipients through input from its staff and community. Candidates are considered based on the merit of their work, the benefits of greater public exposure, and their contribution to the public good. Notably, the award is presented to people, not products or projects. Currently, there is no public solicitation process.


The $10,000 Radiant Award gift is made possible by contributions from partnering organizations. If you believe in the importance of supporting people who move the Internet toward a bright future, please consider becoming a program partner. Email us at for more information.


We intend to present Radiant Awards on a rolling basis; their frequency will be determined by identification of great recipients and availability of partner funding for the gift.