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Kristin Berdan joins ISRG as new General Counsel

Join us in welcoming Kristin Berdan to the ISRG team as our new General Counsel.

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White House, Craig Newmark Support Memory Safe Software

Growing attention on the solvability of memory safety.

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Our first FOSDEM

FOSDEM lets an often overlooked part of tech and software shine: the people behind it.

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ISRG Projects

Free TLS Certificates

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. More than 260 million websites around the world use Let's Encrypt certificates to provide security and privacy to their visitors.

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Memory Safety for Critical Infrastructure

Prossimo is an effort to move the Internet's security-sensitive software infrastructure to memory safe code. We provide strategic planning, facilitation, and communication to bring memory safety to high impact projects.

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Privacy-respecting Application Metrics

Divvi Up is a privacy-respecting system for the collection of aggregate statistics such as application metrics. With Divvi Up, it's possible to technically enforce the promises of a privacy policy while still getting the valuable aggregate insights app makers need.

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