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Preparing Rustls for Wider Adoption

It’s time for the Internet to move on to more secure software, and that’s why our Memory Safety Initiative is coordinating work to make further improvements to the Rustls TLS library.

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Introducing Our Newest Board Member: David Nalley

We are pleased to announce that David Nalley, Principal of Open Source Strategy and Marketing at AWS, has joined the ISRG Board of Directors.

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Introducing Erica Portnoy to the ISRG Board of Directors

We are pleased to welcome Erica Portnoy, Senior Staff Technologist at EFF, to the ISRG Board of Directors!

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Our First Project

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. More that 200 million websites around the world use Let's Encrypt to protect their users.

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The Radiant Award

ISRG's Radiant Award is intended to recognize and support individuals making great contributions to security and privacy on the Internet.

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