Introducing Sarah Heil, ISRG’s CFO

Josh Aas
Feb 10, 2022

Sarah Heil

I thrive creating and building systems, policies, and processes from the ground up.

Sarah Heil, ISRG CFO

We’re pleased to welcome Sarah Heil as our Chief Financial Officer.

Sarah brings a strong focus on systems and efficiency, which is part of what makes her a great fit for ISRG. We are a systems-building organization that prioritizes benefiting from well-constructed and thoughtful tools. We take this approach across our organization, from engineering to finance and accounting. “I thrive creating and building systems, policies, and processes from the ground up,” Heil said in regard to what drew her to ISRG.

In her previous work in both for-profit and nonprofit settings (most recently at American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota), Sarah has approached financial management holistically, seeking to understand the organization’s context. “I love the fact that what we do at ISRG is so vitally important and that most people using the Internet never need to know about it. I’m impressed by how widespread our impact is,” she said.

ISRG has been on a path of growth since our early days, thanks to the widespread enthusiasm for our Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates. The launch of two new projects in 2021 has created new complexity for our organization, but also opportunity. “My belief with nonprofit management is that you need to be secure, stable, and able to expand responsibly. It’s about planning and looking as far out as you can, but it’s also important to have the ability to reevaluate and pivot with change,” said Heil. We’re so glad to have Sarah here to help us plan, prepare for, and create the future of ISRG!